Sunday, April 8, 2012

Obsession Confession Sunday

5 things I'm currently obsessed with:

1. Rekindling the flame with bad 90s television. We have the amazing Canadian hit, Breaker High pictured here (if you define hit very loosely). It is sooooo bad; but I can't stop liking it. I should probably mention that it stars baby Ryan Gosling. As a nerd.
2. Instagram for Android. I've been using the app for less than a week and I am already obsessed. Find me, jenwhitfield, or leave a comment with your username.
3. My new GreenWorks reel lawnmower. The ultimate in environmentally friendly lawn care. No gas. No oil. No fumes. I enjoy the sound it makes while slicing the grass and the fact that I can smell the grass as I cut it (ya know, instead of gas fumes). I was afraid it would be hard to push. Nope. I was afraid it would take hours to cut my lawn. Nope. [If your yard is full of sticks or you only mow your crazy long grass once a year, this mower is not for you.] Did I mention no gas?
4. Sundried Tomato Pesto. I've made this for a few events and it has been a hit every time. I love it on crackers and sandwiches. (Try it on grilled cheese. You won't be sorry.) I use this recipe with one modification: sundried tomatoes jarred in oil.
5. Introvert research. I am an introvert (specifically, INFJ for you Myers-Briggs fans). I wish it weren't such a dirty word. I'll be giving you a peek at an introvert art project soon.

BTDubs...Joy the Baker Podcast homework is to list 5 of your favorite things (right now). Have you listened? Have you done your homework? I'm submitting this post as mine. It's totally cheating. I'm okay with that.


  1. Oh! Congrats on your new reel mower!!! We bought a Fiskars Reel Lawnmower when we moved here ( and I LOVE it!!! I do plan to get the grass catcher attachment at some point, although right now the 'mulch' works great for the yard!

    Also, our grass grows so quickly here (we mowed 3 times last week to keep it in top shape for guests - definitely not the norm) and it was so nice to just pull it out with fiddling with gas and oil and maintenance!

    It's also a great conversation starter among the neighbors!

  2. I looked at the Fiskars Reel too. It was a hard decision. I didn't even put the grass catcher on because so many people said it was a pain and I've always let my clippings stay in the yard anyway. It's a situation that works for me and my grass.