Sunday, April 29, 2012

Obsession Confession Sunday: Internet Made Me Do It

5 Things I'm currently obsessed with, the internet made me do it DIY edition:

This week, I'm obsessed with blogger DIYs. I had planned to make all of these things over the weekend and show you my finished products but, alas, I did not have time for various reasons.
Most of those reasons might involve the word lazy. 
  1. Horse Pillows - I love these quirky horse pillows that Emma made over on A Beautiful Mess. They will be making an appearance in my house soon. Mine will probably be neon. 
  2. Colored Mason Jars - How can mason jars get any better? By dying them, as seen on Chickens in the Road
  3. Wallflower fragrance - Holy Crickey shows you how to refill your plugins. Bonus: no more toxins! (I did find 2 minutes to complete this works great!)
  4. Faux Porcelain Bowl - I can't wait to make these bowls featured on Curbly. I hope they are as gorgeous to look at and easy to make as they appear in this tutorial. 
  5. Stamps - I have mad love for stamps. With Creature Comforts as my guide, I'll soon be making my own.
How about you? Seen/completed any great DIYs lately?


  1. I can't believe I never thought of the DIY plugin fragrance!!!

  2. The smell doesn't seem to fill the room quite like a real plugin. I've tried lemon and lavender oils so far. I'm going to experiment and see if other fragrances are a bit more potent.