Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Touché Tuesday Advice Column: Japan and Cat Urine

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Dear Jen, 

Hey there, it's me again! I'm having a hard time coming up with a blog name for my secondary blog (travel/moving/military/japanese). I am also keeping my current food blog active, www.kaceyskitchen.com - Do you or your readers have any suggestions for my Okinawa Adventure Blog? (Without using "Okinawa Adventure Blog")
Sincerely, Kacey

Dear Kacey,
I’m very excited for your upcoming Okinawa adventure blog and happy to hear that Kacey’s Kitchen will keep on keeping on. I see a few naming options for your new blog…
  1. If you want to be theme-y with your blogging pursuits, consider something like Kacey’s Okinawa to go along with Kacey’s Kitchen. [Or Kacey’s Turning Japanese or Kacey’s Not in America Anymore or Kacey’s Blog About Living in Japan That Makes Jen Super Jealous.]
  2. If alliteration is what you crave, consider something like Kacey’s Kibun – Kibun is Japanese for mood! [Or Kacey’s Kami (Japanese for paper) or Kacey Karui (Japanese for light) or Kacey’s Kuso (Japanese for s**t).] 
  3. If numbers and SEO are what you’re after, consider something like American Military Wife In Japan (yea, that’s still available, what?) [Or Getting Horny In Japan cause that will get you tons of unique visitors for sure. Boom, I just increased my pageviews.]
Yes, I realize that you should only give folks 3 options, but really, probably less than three of these are viable.

Dear Jen,
My cat just started...um...'missing' the litter box. She doesn't do this all the time, and I keep the box in our spare bathroom/bathtub...so it isn't a huge deal right now, but if we move...it might have to go someplace else.

I thought it might have been some sort of urinary or kidney infection...but the samples sent to the vet cleared her of anything physical. I have also tried new litter and removing the cover off the litter box, and that worked for a while, but not anymore.

I know your not officially a vet or anything, but thought I'd take a chance and see if your little furry creature has ever acted like this, or you have other suggestions.

Do you think she feels rushed? Should I put on some music and candles for her? What about getting her a subscription to Cat Fancy?
Frustrated, Tinkles

Dear Tinkles,
I definitely think music, candles and Cat Fancy are worth a try! Especially if you will send me pictures. I might also try a bigger box. And if that doesn’t work, two boxes. My sister’s cat likes to go number one in one box and number two in the other. Maybe your kitty has decided that’s the way to go (pun intended!).

I have not dealt with this problem with my dear Pippi cat, but I know (in the I don’t actually know sort of way) a blogger who has dealt with this problem with his dear Pantaloons cat. Check out this post from Thoughts from Paris (Paris is his last name; he does not live in France).

Not as dead as she looks.

Do you have any suggestions for Kacey or Tinkles? 

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